Database does not save the information

Hello, I have a problem, my appweb is already working, but when people create their user, I enter the database and the data does not appear, that is, incomplete, the form has the mandatory option

Do you manually add within the database or your users fill out a signup for to get registered in the database? If it’s a form make sure the collection is the Users’ Collection and the form signs up the user, if you need help please leave screenshots of what you need help with.

hello, everything is well configured, 35 users have just created their account, but in the database, only some complete ones appear, I don’t understand why some are complete and others are blank

Because for the form you did update it’s supposed to be Create

step 1 creates the account, step 2 updates it, what I don’t understand is because some are complete and others are not, that must be a problem with adalo, otherwise they should all be blank.

when a user edits or updates their data, the database must be updated as well

It’s probably because your users are not filling out all the data.

Yes they have to complete all, are obligatory to goes to the next page,if they dont complete they can not go the next page

I would just send in a support ticket.

Hi @Santiago,

Do you observe it on “real users” or on test users? Can you reproduce the case by yourself?

What I could imagine, is that user simply closes the app on the 2nd step. If you don’t have any additional verification that all required fields are filled in, then user can re-open the app, get to Home screen directly and continue working with the app.
And the fields will not be filled in.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi Victor, thanks for the answer, I was seeing that option, what I should do is send an email telling me that they must update their profile or what do you recommend me to do?

make a modal with a view condition that when the app opens it tells you, and did you edit your profile? and there I sent it to the edit section?

cool bro !! thanks … im going to do that

i need help please … this is a problem of adalo … please


Did you submit a support ticket yet?

Hi @Santiago,

I would do the following:

  • have a property “profile filled in” in Users collection
  • mark this property as “false” upon registration
  • on 2nd screen after sign up, after user has filled in profile details, mark this property as “true”

Then, you have 2 possible options:

  • (a) on the home screen, put some label with text “Please fill in profile details”. And then make it conditionally visible, if “profile filled in” = FALSE. And direct a user to profile details.
  • (b) you can force the users to fill in all profile details. I usually to that with the conditional action, when user gets to the home screen, I add action on-screen-enter which directs the user to a profile fill in screen.


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yeah! thanks for all

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Thanks Victor, I always see your tutorials on YouTube, they help me a lot! You’re a genius

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