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Hello. I’m experimenting some issues with the Adalo app. It seems like when I delete a user, that user can’t sign up anymore in my app. This is not interesting because have some test to make before publish the app with the sign up module.

I also have questions, first about the customs actions. Do the request fetch automatically or we should create another custom action to get a response?

My last question is on the Adalo database. We know how to connect an external database to Adalo’s one, but is it possible to connect the Adalo database as an external database for another instance? I give this question because I don’t like Adalo’s webApp’s views… I want to connect it’s datas to a website built by me to make the webApp a website on desktops

Hi @Kheurt.

I could not reproduce this problem. When I delete a user from my user database I was able to register again with the same info as the deleted user previously had. Could you give some more info on this issue please.

The response will be seen after a successful request has been made and you will be able to save which of the attributes from the response you want to keep or discard.

At the moment the Adalo API is currently restricted for notification requests. We are plannign to expand on this in the coming months.

I’ve deleted one user record. And when I type the same datas as a new user record, I get the error “already exist”

@Kheurt please could you DM me your app ID so I can take a look at this issue.

I don’t know how to get the app ID

The following text is in the link of my apps’ dashboard

You have a conditional action rule set up on your sign up action that is based on the password and “confirm” password fields being the same, which of course they are meant to be :slight_smile:

Yes… This is to be sure that the user haven’t do some mistakes when typing the password I wanted.
Is the signup action paired to the login action?
And do set action act in the order they are ranged on the workflow?

Now I’m thinking about the storage of the app or the device. Is it possible to manage local storage and hosted storage? I mean when I display image files on an app for users, the image will be visible for online users and the will download it on theirs devices. But if they are offline, will displayed image that have been seen be deleted? Or will still be displayed on the place where they’ve been seen for the first time?

Hello Colin. I’m facing some issues with adalo app.
There are some component which disapear I dont know wy.
Last month, my map component disapeared on the previewer. I thouth it was because of my Google Map Key, but some days later, I created another key for another app outside adalo and the map on that app was working well. And now the second time, it’s the swipper which is missing on the previewer. And I think it will also disapear on the web app.

I want to know, on my previewer, when a componet is missing, an error is displayed on the screen. What will happen when my users will use the app and a component disappear? Will they see the same error?

I upgraded my account last month… It seems like I was mistaken

Hi @Kheurt.

This is usually only a visual bug within the app builder and on the frontend of your app, your users will see the component working as usual. It is a bug we are aware of and the team is working to resolve.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience this bug is causing you :worried:

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