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I am not a premium subscriber yet but wanted to ask if I can use Open Sans Light 300 in future or only the basic open sans font?

You can’t use fonts except with premium but here is a trick I found on how to use outer fonts for FREE…

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Thank you! But do you know if I upgraded is it then possible. I don’t want to use the normal open sans but open sans light 300?

If you buy PRO plan would unlock fonts, if you Don’t want to unlock then use my trick!

perfect I will thank you

Hopefully it does help!

Hi Martin, I’ve just checked my account (Pro). Yes, Open Sans is there and you can use all font weights. They are not numbered in Adalo, rather simply named (Light, Normal, Semi-bold, Bold, Extra-Bold, and Extra-Black). The Light 300 you refer to is called just “Light” in Adalo.

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Thats right, but if he wants other fonts he would need “premium version!”

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