Food ordering app DEMO

No fees for restaurants, built in loyalty rewards for users! What do you all think??

If you don’t have iOS:

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Are you planning on making money off of this app? Who pays the loyalty fee’s?

Your non IOS link is broken.

Try this Link

@JohnNope definitely hoping to make a profit :pray::pray::pray:. I’m starting with a sponsor driven model until I can grow enough demand to explore other revenue ideas.

Do you actually have all the chick-fil-a’s, etc. listed in your app already?

Yes, my “Locations” Collection is ~5.7K records. Trying to find a way to integrate Google Places API / SDK a la UberEats, but just can figure it out

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I meant; do you actually have a contract with all of those locations for your services?

Wish I could talk more publicly about legal stuff :innocent:

Sorry, I am more curious than anything. It looks like you’re creating a marketing service for the restaurant industry that’s intended to compete with Uber Eats, etc. I am currently working on a Lead Service for Independent Contractors myself. Good luck with your project!

@JohnNope let me know how I can help! I have many friends in the restaurant business and their margins are getting crushed by the “App Titans”. Hoping to find a way to grow a nice business, reward loyalty while not taking advantage of restaurant operators.

Nothing I’m about to say here is intended to discourage you but… it looks like you’re trying to go against the big dogs and it doesn’t look like you have any teeth. While the Uber’s of the world are taking huge margins, they are providing amazing services by solving both marketing and delivery problems in the process. The nice thing they have going for them, if I understand their system correctly, is that they charge a markup on their service instead of flats. That does allow restaurants the ability to budget that expense into their prices. As far as loyalty is concerned; credit card processing companies like Square and Clover already have loyalty card services built into their software to encourage repeat business. Honestly, I am trying to figure out how your software is different than Google or Uber.

Devils Advocate

You’re absolutely correct on all fronts. I’m keeping expectations really low and just having fun learning to make things! Perhaps @David can be one of my first customers :joy:. The Adalo team would prob love an office lunch from an app created with the product they live and breathe each day !

I think here @JohnNope hits the nail, I made a replica of UberEats with Adalo in what started as a fun project and a booking system for a friend’s restaurant, and then I thought about launching it as UberEats competition.

In my app I have:

  1. Booking System
  2. Coupon System
  3. Loyalty program
  4. Ordering System

I don’t have:
Delivery system as UberEats, with geolocation and delivery door to door.

The “I don’t have” immediately killed my demo as they all said, “I don’t have a delivery service and cannot afford one myself but I cannot afford also UberEats.”

Thinking also myself how to compete with these “big dogs” but finding a sustainable way but so far not having that “Last Mile Delivery” is killing the business.

I enjoy thinking about and discussing things like this… problem solving! Where is your friends restaurant? A small town? Big city? Also, I’d love to see your app if you don’t mind.

@JohnNope big city in Europe, there is already 3 companies there doing the same service all over the country, so quite difficult to penetrate that market. Sure, I am just tweaking the booking part and adding geolocation, then I can share. I am thinking probably of selling the APP actually and turning my head to another niche.

@JL_LJ how are you doing the geolocation? I didn’t think Adalo supported it yet.

I am only doing to calculate the cost of a delivery: say:

  1. User address or current geolocation
  2. Restaurant position
  3. Calculates difference and then cost if above a certain distance
  4. After order submit, you can always do a Adalo API request to delete that position request and keep the DB neat and tidy :slight_smile:

I use 2 APIS, 1 to get location and save in temp DB, then the restaurant already has Lat/Lng, and I then calculate it in another DB.

I don’t use yet geolocation in a Map itself, if that is what you are looking for :slight_smile:

Can’t you use a Google Maps API to do this? The Geo Location I mean.