Maksapp - complete FOOD DELIVERY app with all features

Hey all,

I just want to share my work on Adalo, I have been working on a food delivery platform for a while now and reach to a point where I am satisfied overall after long journey to make sure that the app is running on most devices even very old androids

app is already live and generating income (not much :grin:) with all supporting apps (Shop - Admin - Customer service and POS)

I believe it is one of the best overall complete apps done on Adalo in terms of design, features and performance

have a look and let me know, all comments/feedback are welcomed


Dear , It’s Very nice work , But can i please know how you just make the select location on map ?


Thanks, told you I got it as custome development, will share with you the details on DM


فقط سوال اخي , هل يحتسب التصفح يعني فقط التصفح على التطبيق يحتسب اجراء على التطبيق او لا , شكرا

قصدك ال monthly actions ?
اذا هيك قصدك فنعم يعتبر التصفح جزء من الاجراءات وبتنحسب عليك

to expensive wola

Mind sharing how you just make the select location on the map to me too, please?

location selection screen is a webview that opens a custom external page built with coding, passing the user’s details, and once the selection is done the custom page will send back the coordinates (Lat/Long) to adalo’s collection through API call

you will need to host a separate external application for that outside adalo and have google maps account and Adalo plan that support API calls

if that sound good to you and need help I can share with you the details of the guy who can help you with it

One of the better implemented projects I’ve seen on here. I appreciate clean interfaces and smooth transitions, it’s what I focus on. Great job!

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thanks dear appreciated it

Looks Good. You can add the real time tracking. (like in Uber Eats) I saw somewhere in youtube how implement it in Adalo.

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Really good application. if i want build app like that can you help ?

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Its already there, once driver is on the way, a tracking map will show the driver’s location, but it is not showing in the video

Something like this

Thanks dear,
For sure just start and let me know once you need help

Hi, I’ve recreated this functionality and it works great so far. I can get the users Lat, Lng and Full Address when they move the marker on a google map. They are stored as TEXT in the Adalo DB, using the API.

However I then need to convert these to a Location object. Any ideas how?

Good for you :+1:t2:

Regarding the location object, personally it does not concern me since I only care about the Lat Long information, but I tried before to find a way to get the location out of it but with no luck at all!

Cool, i would like to test it on a weak android device :wink:

We are currently working on a similar food delivery app and we are facing some difficulties such as we need an order time picker, where we can set when the restaurant is open, and when it is possible to order. Also, we would like to have a coupon integration where the customer gets discounts at the order. Can you maybe provide us some tips about these functions?
It would be great to have a chance to chat with you in DM if it’s possible.

Regarding Shop/Restaurant opening time, I have added time values to a collection and showing to the user as a dropdownlist

there are more details into this for sure
yes please send me on DMs