Force Reload screen?

Anyone have a good tip to force a screen to reload every 30 seconds?
I tried with a countdown that links to an empty screen which in turn returns to the page with a back action, but this happens only once. Because the timer does not restart.

Anyone have an idea?

Hi @miticobeppe,

You can restart timer using visibility conditions. Example:

  • Add a T/F property to Users, call it “Timer Visible”
  • Make timer visible if “Timer Visible” is True
  • On your first screen, add an On-Screen-enter action to set Logged-in user → Timer Visible to True
  • For Timer coundown finish, add a Link to 2nd screen action
  • on the 2nd screen, add an On-Screen-enter action to set Timer Visible to False, and another action to Link Back.

Result: timer should re-start.

Though I’m not sure that all screen contents are reloaded when you come to the screen using “Back” action. One of the “tricks” to auto-update the screen is having a list there with autorefresh enabled - this updates all screen contents.

Best regards, Victor.

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I’ll have to try! Unfortunately the refresh of the list is not possible for the API collections!

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