Forgot Password

Any deadline to forgot password? It is complicated for the customer to know which platform we are using to develop the APP through the email sender.

  • Set options Screen
  • Change sender, subject and body
  • Own SMTP / Default

Yes, and also it would be awesome to customize the forgot password screen.
My app is in another language. :confused:


This should be priority for paid customers!

  1. The email for the forgot password comes from (not able to customize it).
  2. The wording on the screen does not reflect the type of site I have.
  3. The button font color doesn’t match the other screens.

I will not release my app with Adalo’s forgot password screen. I’ll remove the link to the screen since we cannot edit the screen.

IMHO, the flow of the Adalo forgot password feature is great, we just need control of the screen, and the email needs to be from our domain instead of the Adalo domain.

This is on our roadmap here:


Hi @Ben ,

Is this feature request in the roadmap for development?

It is currently in feature request, but not in the roadmap. Do we have a date planned for this, sort of critical.

Has anyone come up with a work around? Maybe an open screen that triggers a Zap? I don’t know I am just thinking out loud LOL


Hi Everyone,

Can anyone let me know if you think this workaround might be doable using a custom form to replace the Forgot Password.

  1. Click on forgot password
  2. Open Custom Form - Enter Email - submit
  3. Submit triggers a Zap to change the user password to a random password in User Collection
  4. Zap to Sendgrid to first do an email validation and then to send the email instruction with the random password

This should allow the user to enter the App and they can change their password in their profile - I hope.

Is this risky???

Has anyone got a better work around?


@mariocampello @bakerofideas @Schelle @azeled @Fsteeve In my opinion, this option should already have priority for the platform and not even enter the roadmap, but anyway … There is an exit to resend the password using a webviewer, but you need knowledge in Rest/API to search all users database, choose or user-defined email and set a password, a notification would be an easier part. If anyone has this knowledge they can contact me.

@Schelle You were able to costumize the “forgot password”? I really need to customize mine, as my website is in spanish! Could you help me?