Questions about forgot password

A few questions here:

  1. I added a ‘forgot password’ link to my login screen, which seems to link to the default Adalo forgot password screen. Do I need to do anything to enable this function under the hood? Or is this all handled by Adalo (even though the user’s password is stored in my user collection)?

  2. Will the email to the user come from my domain (once I set up my custom domain)? I’m a little worried my users may not trust an email from Adalo, since they won’t know Adalo is the actual platform my app is running on. I know I would be suspicious myself.

Can someone post a screenshot of a typical email the user will receive after submitting a ‘forgot password’ request?

This would be good to know! I’ve read that it defaults to an Adalo branded password reset screen which is not customisable but I hope to be corrected!

This might help…


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