Form "Date" field: How to set Placeholder Text

How do you set placeholder text for the date field in my form so when the user sees the form, they know what format to put the date in?

Currently it shows when displaying in the browser “2014-03-28T00:00:00-04:00”. I want it to show, "Please enter Birth Date: e.g “mm/dd/yyyy”

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If you are using a text field for date you can choose the format of the default date from a dropdown. See screenshot below:

There is also the date picker component you could use instead.

Sry this is still not working.

This is the output in Preview. The Birthdate format needs to only show the date as a place holder. This is using the Date Picker Text. I would use the Date Picker but you have to scroll every month and you can’t jump to a year. Since this is for birth date, imagine how many months a user would have to click.


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