Form screen - can user send data back to me?

Hi, is it possible for the form screen (or any other) to have the function to fill in name, email and a question or a query for us the developers of the app? So that when you press send/submit on the screen an email would be sent to a set email with the information from the form.

I believe I got it, with the form screen which sends the data from the form filled out back to a database-collection. I would like to get notified when a form is submitted, or even get a copy of the form submitted to an email, is this possible?

Yes- you need to create a custom action that connects adalo to an external email service. There’s a tutorial for Sendgrid but I prefer elastic email.

Apologize my ignorance but these answers are confusing me.

I have the form, I would just like an alert (email?), or better yet the form directly, sent to me (per email?).

Ignore the answer from @Palmer above. It’s a spam message and has been flagged.

Adalo does not have the built-in capability to send an email. To do what you want you need to connect your adalo app to an external email service (API) like elastic email.

To do this you need to:

  1. Create a (free) account on Elastic Email.
  2. Create a “custom action” in Adalo to connect to Elastic Email and use it to send an email.
  3. When you want to send your form information, you can call this custom action, and send your form information through the Elastic Email service.

P.S. The Adalo instructions for creating a Custom Action suggest using a service (Micro) to connect to many APIs and they charge for sending emails. That’s not necessary - you can get a free email service by connecting directly with the API of the email company.

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For use Elastic Email these videos will help.

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You can use sendgrid also.
You can read this conversation.

And there’s a video created by Adalo team.

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