Automatically update database when a user changes the value of an input

I’m essentially creating a custom calculator tool, but rather than use a form to update property values, I have built out a series of inputs for a customized experience on one screen (that’s the goal) so that users see the total and all the contributing values generating the calculation.

Here is my issue… I display the current value in the input using the default value via the existing database value for the property. When the user makes a change within an input I’d like the database value to update to the newly entered value without the user taking any additional action.

Is this possible or will the user ultimately have to tap a save or update button to update the newly entered values to the associated properties?


@jsteb Hi Jas, beside actions we can execute when a screen is loaded, we basically only have click actions, such clicking a a button or image. We have not triggers like changed input or loosing focus(user leaving the input field).
So the user has to tap.
You can add a feature request here

Thanks for the reply… that was my assumption having tried several action options, but I was hoping I was missing out on available functionality.

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