Forms that will affect another form

I am trying to figure out how I can create a form that is directly affected by another form. This is a app for poultry farmers to log there data and see all of there performances on one app. The User will create a new farm which could have any number of houses and once they create it they will be linked to another form where they will set up there houses information, which will included the house number for reference later on and the square footage of the house. The problem is when the user puts in the new farm from that they have 4 houses I want the house set up form to have 4 different fields for those houses. Or if they have only 1 house only one field will pop up for them to fill out. Any help would be great… Thank you ahead of time.

Hi @thitchens ,

What you need is custom form which is multiple components such as text, input, button, toggle that are individually put on screen, rather than form which is single component with multiple fields inside it based on collection.

If you want 4 houses, you need to create a loop which is creating 4 times of records in house collection, this will be done using separate collection, can be called sequence, which the content is number from 1 to any maximum number.

Alternatively, you can hard code the number of create actions, if it is only limited, such as 1 to 10 houses, then put conditional in create action when house number is less than or equal total houses.


Thank you I appreciate it very much It worked perfectly.

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