Using multiple form inputs into a single Database property


I need some help utilizing forms with databases. I have a Form with two inputs, a text input and a drop down menu. I want both of these to flow into a single text property in a database collection. How would I do this?

ex. I have a property in Users called Interests/Hobbies. I want the logged in user to be able to either add custom interests/hobbies using the first form fields, or choose preset interests/hobbies from the dropdown menu. These selections will both flow into the interests/hobbies property in the database collection “Users”.

The preset Interests/Hobbies to choose from in the dropdown menu are stored in a separate database collection correct? With a 1 to many, Users to Interests/Hobbies relationship with the preset interests/hobbies database and the Users database. Let me know if this is on the right track, or if you have a better idea. Thanks

Hi @gtubridy21 ,

Create your collections as they way you describe it.

Create screen with forms and set the form with that collection.

If you want to link interest, you create another collection and link to users.

If you have the database set up, you can use them on your screens with custom list.

Thanks for the help but I need a little more information. So I got this screen below. I want these two fields to flow into a single property in Users called “Interests/Hobbies”. It is a text field. How would I go about doing that? The dropdown pulls from another database called Interests/Hobbies which just holds a preset list of interests/hobbies.

So, do you need 2 fields for interests, 1 is text, another is relationship field ?

Why ?

For having actions in dropdown, search dropdown replacement in this forum.

I want the user to be able to enter custom interests/hobbies into the property, as well as be able to choose preset options from a drop down list.

I would suggest to have another collection that is linked specifically for this particular user, not others.

In this collection you can allow them to add records as many as they want, so at first, the content of this collection comes from the general content of interest collection (which is shared for all users), but in this collection this user can add their own interest.

By linking with collection you can do a search for them, if you have both types, text and relationship, there would be additional process to search them.

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