Forms with jotform

Hello, i was wondering how to display a jorform form in adalo, i have connected them through zapier but i would like the form to display inside my app. does anyone know how this can be achieved

Have you tried the webview component? For the url, you would use a link directly to the form. It should show the form inside your app. The downside is that you can’t put an action on the submit button, so your users would click submit on the jotform, then another button on your app to go back.

(I haven’t actually tried the above, but in theory it should be just as I said above. Let me know if it isn’t).

I have multiple Jotforms viewed through webview components. It does work well aside from the action issue mentioned above.

Thanks for your message, we have it working now with the way you have suggested, just trying to get another back button now! Again thank you!!

Hi, I’ve followed the advice here and Ive got the form to display, the issue I’m facing now is that the information is going to the wrong collection inside adalo. Can I ask how are you connecting the two? And does it work smoothly for you?

Sorry but I did not connect the two. The forms go directly as a pdf to the client’s records office. However, there should be a way to use Zapier to get the form contents into the correct Adalo connection. Another option would be to have the Jotform data go to an airtable datasheet and then connect Airtable to your Adalo app as a collection.

I have in the past connected Jotform data to a Google sheet so it’s very straightforward.

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