Formula with just latest item

Hi everyone !

I create an app for sel-mental health with mood analysis and happiness survey.

Any user can add a mood with day, hour, % of happiness ( called in app positive emotional activity ) and their emotion.

And there is a section in my app with some stats. Showing the % of positive emotional activity, the % of probability of dropping out, and % of emotional stability ( calculating by the positive emotional activity difference )

WHAT I want to do is, in my stats, juste get calculated the 10 or the 48 hours data, Can you how I can make this ?

Sorry for this a little bit complicated topic, I speak french and I use a little bit Gtranslate.

Thank you for your help !! There is some screenshot

Here I can filter to show only 24 hours data

But here, I don’t know how I can filter

NEW ADDED QUESTION :slight_smile:
I want to show the most recurrent data in my database like the day with the highest positive emotional activity, and the same for the lowest. Also the most recurrent mood added by the user, how I can make this ?

Thank you sososososo much

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