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hi there, I have set up a dashboard in my app for users to see their progress related to the day they plan to do a training. The formula makes calculations based on the date planned by the user. 2 questions.

  • when the user has not planned the date, nothing is shown and I want it to say 0.
  • prior to the date the formula now gives negative results, so I want it to stay at 0 and count from the 1st day onwards.

any ideas on how to do th

at? see screenshots. Thanks! kind regards, Elianne

Hello Elianne, about the negative sign, you can change the number format and make it removed, but i think your counting condition is wrong, and about the 1st question, are you using any conditions?

hi, thanks for your reply! i am not using any conditions. should I? what kind of conditions? visibility conditions?

No there is no need to use any conditions, Elianne i think your problem is in how to display the count.

at this location, can you provide a screenshot?

hi Jimmy, so sorry for late reply. See attached screenshot. Really appreciate your help!

kind regards, Elianne

Are you adding filter to that count?
sorry about that way for us here it’s just theoretically we can’t see what’s really happening in the app, add filter on the date planned like: date planned is after current time.

hi Jimmy, great, understand what you mean. currently there is no filter. where would I set such a filter? you cant do that in the formula, right?

Try clicking on the “user date planning plan” it should give you some options

where should I see these options? I only see this (see attached)

also, I am not sure if this filter is the solution. the planned date will always be after current time already, because it’s a date in the future. the problem is that until that date starts the results of the formula are negative. and they should just remain at zero.

Oh i can see now, what you are doing, is showing the user’s date plan, and now count. So if the user doesn’t have a planned date, nothing will appear. Is the date plan available in some collection?

hi, yes there is seperate collection for planned date and it’s related to the user.

Ok so, when adding magic text, go to the that collection and choose count, then click on it and add some filters related to the user.

hi Jimmy, thanks, I think I understand what you mean. I have added it to the formula, but it still does not work. Should I include this count & filter in the formula? or somewhere else?

No there is no need

ok, so should it just be a visibility rule? dont understand where to add this filter :)?

Would you mind take a look myself?

hi! thanks so much for the offer, that is really kind of you. I just solved it with visibility rule. Thanks so much for your help and patience :). kind regards, Elianne

That’s great, glad i worked…

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