How to set up the database for mental health app?

Hi everyone,

I am working on a mental health app. The app consists of a variety of topics (i.e. anxiety, depression…). Each topic comes with different activities = different screen set-up & flow. I am so stuck with the database…

  1. If I create a list for the activities - the screen flow is restricted. If I create an activity and manually link it to different screens, then convert it as a list, the activities list was doubled.
  2. Conditional visibility & progress bar - were affected.

Please help & thank you so much.


Hi @Fion ,

I would suggest, topic as grand parent, activity as parent, question as child and probably answers as grand children.

Each level would represent a list and put a button/icon inside a list to link to another screen, this way you would access the previous list in magic text.

Good job with showing the mockup.

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Hi @Yongki ,

Thank you so much for your response. I think needed guidance for this. Do you offer support and would it be ok to have a private discussion?

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Precisely as @Yongki stated.

Topics collection with relationship to Activities (topics can have many activities, activities belong to one topic)
Activities collection with relationship to questions (activities can have many questions, questions belong to one activity).

If, for whatever reason, Yongki is unable to assist, feel free to shoot me a message. I offer one-on-one mentoring sessions where I can help walk you through this over a Zoom call.

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Thanks for asking, I will send you DM.

Thanks for the tag.

Thank you so much!

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