[Found workaround and feature requested] Navigating from Detail Page back to Product List: Is it possible to keep the screen height where the selected item is?

Hi Adalo friends!

I have a question about navigating a list of products. Here’s the desired UX:

  1. The user browses through a list of products in a screen. Selects one of them.
  2. The user goes to the product detail page. Then goes back to the product list page.
  3. The user keeps scrolling where s/he left.

Currently, when the user goes from the detail page to the product list page, the user has to start from the beginning of the list, which is not an ideal UX.

Is there a solution for this?
Thank you in advance!

Hi @leonortorres,

Yeah, I think this is not possible yet!

Vote here : Maintain scroll position | Voters | Adalo

But here’s a workaround made by Flawless! : Tutorial: "Back" handling for long list screens (retain viewport position)

Hope this helps!

Thank you


Thank you Dilon!
I voted for the feature, and now I’m testing the tutorial.

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I’ve heard the transition type affects this, I know for sure from my app that if your transition from screen 1 to screen 2 is either modal or push, then going back will maintain scroll position!

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