Fractions text input options (components?)

I know I can’t use the “/” symbol or spaces in the number input, so I am considering using a text input instead. In my industry, sizes of the items are usually measured and listed as fractions.

I DON’T want users typing letters or any symbols (except for / and a space)
I DON’T want users using decimals (100.5)
I DO want user typing whole numbers (100)
I DO want users typing fractions (100 1/2)
I might consider a format like (100-1/2)

I saw that No Code Monkey has a regex input component and an input button validator component. Would either of these work for my use case? Or if anyone knows a better way to do this please let me know. Currently I have 2 inputs, a whole number and a dropdown with available fractions with another column that pulls them together. But this made it so I had to have additional collections and I think it would be better if people could just type it all into an input. Thanks!

Hi Nina,

For Nocode Monkey component questions, @Michael can help assist you. :wink:

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