I need to stop user from inputting negative number

How can I stop user from inputting negative numbers into number input?

Hi @trble,

If I’m correct this is not possible. Not sure if No Code Monkey’s Input has this feature or a different custom component has this feature. Maybe you can create a feature request or maybe you can contact a Component Developer to create a component for this .

Maybe for a workaround you can add a countdown component and set a visibility condition to the countdown If Input>Contains> - And add the change input value action to the countdown and select that input and keep the value empty.
And another visibility condition to the create button visible if Input>is not equal to>- (without space). And then when there’s - in the Input the countdown is visible and clearing the input.

Thank you

I believe it is not yet possible. It’s shady, but I believe you can put something condition to actions on the Save / Validation button. Conditions being, if the input contains - you preview an modal saying number can’t be negative

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