Freemium model with Admob, use the app without login and upgrade to login wihtout Admob visibility

HI All,

I would like to create an app where users have the possibility to not login, view all the data in the app and have Admob ad’s visible. But when they decide to create an account, the app the admob ad’s will not be visible, as they have created an account.

I read this article Use the app without an account and then upgrade

Which looks like it’s quiet helpfull but unfortunately, it does not do the trick.

Here is what I did, also for you to replicate if you would like to.

  1. I created and app with the To-do list as template.

  2. I’ve added a new button to the first screen which you can see as button nr. 3 named “Signup no login”

  3. What it does, it’s created a new user where the email is being randomized with a number between 0 and 10 milion (please see number 4 in below image, i know it’s not a unique idea and the randomizer could replicate the number, but for now it should be fine, also if you know a better idea for an unique ID, please let me know.) Also I had to create something as when trying to create a user without an unique email record, you receive an error messgae about a duplicate emailadres, so it can’t be blank.

  1. I’ve added a new property to the users database named “no login” providing a “True” or “False” option. which is set to True as users did not login when they continued.

So far so good, Users are being created and after the click on the button “Signup No login” linked to the home page which is Home.

Here you can see the user in the database which is created.

So this all looks fine. But then… on the home screen Right on top there is a “Profile Icon”. Here i want two options:

If: No login = False (So a user did create an account by them self) → User is send to “Account”
If: No login = Ture (so a user used the “sign up without login button”) → User need to be send to “Update Page”

Please see the set-up below.

Please keep in mind that the “Update Page” is not really a sign-up page but it’s a page where users think they sign up but actually update their user and have “No Login” Being set to False.

The issue i run into is that when I creat an account (So i do sign up) and No login is false. i do get send to the account page. Which is correct.

But when I select the button where i don;t creat an account (But a users is being set-up and no Login is set to TRUE) the Profile icon is not responding anymore. With the above set-up i would expect it to send me to “Update page”.

Any idea’s on how i could solve this? This would probabaly be also the solution for me to have admob visible when users didn’t sign up them selfs and have it not visible when users create an account.

I hope the information and my issue is a bit clear, i could create a video if needed for deeper explanation but i hope this will do the trick.

Looking forward to your thoughts!

KR Bram

Hello :wave:
Usually, when I develop apps where sign-up is not mandatory to display screens, I use the method of checking if Logged In User - Email - does not equal blank.

That way you can direct users to the right screen without any kind of problem. So if the user - email - will be blank, clicking on the profile icon will send them to the sign-up. Conversely, if they are already registered and so user - email - is not equal to blank, send them to the profile screen.

This is the simplest solution I always use. Same logic applies to your ads, so if the user’s email is blank, show them, otherwise don’t.


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Amazing @Eugen this indeed solved the issue and in an easy way :slight_smile: Thank you very much

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