Creating Ads Free Subscription (and still showing ads to non-logged in users)

I want to insert ads into my app. I understand how to use AdMob to do that. No problem.

I also want to create an ads free version. I know I can use in app purchases to do that and by creating a true/false property I can indicate if a logged in user can see ads.

But what about users who are NOT logged in? I want them to see ads. But if I make the visibility of the ads depended on a property of a logged in user, then if there is no logged in user, it doesn’t show it! So users who are not logged in, don’t see the ads.

How can I make ads show for non-logged-in users as well as logged in users who have not paid for the ads free version?

Also, with interstitial ads, what is the correct placement? Do I put it on top of the content? or at the bottom and then it will cover the screen automatically when somebody clicks into it?

Thanks for the help!

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