From a technical perspective, what type of app is actually being submitted to the App/Play Store?

Hi folks,

New to Adalo and a little unclear on what to expect in terms of restrictions to submitting the app to the App / Play Stores for review.

Is this in essence a PWA? And what’s being submitted to the store is just a webpage with a wrapper on it? The larger context is that I want to be aware of any recent updates from the App Store regarding the approval of Adalo hosted apps.

Any links to relevant documentation would be so helpful - thanks!

Hi & welcome to the Adalo community,

The underlying code of Adalo apps is react native. PWA is a designation for a website that acts like a mobile app. It has nothing to do with the underlying code. Being React Native allows Adalo to function on iOS, web, and Android.

Does this answer your question?

Yes thank you! Just needed to differentiate what the limitations on functionalities would be. We’re deciding whether to build w Bubble or Adalo but I know we don’t want to go down the PWA / wrapper route so as to make sure the iOS XP is consistent w Android.

We’ve found it very consistent across devices, if that helps.

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