I cant sign in help please

I create my account and when I am trying to click preview and sign in with my email it say incorrect password and email, Help please

Hey, @RomalTaufiq! Welcome to the Adalo Community!

Please put screenshots so we could see your problem!

When I come to the website to login it works with same info but when I login when reviewing it doesnt

@RomalTaufiq Make sure the password and email are correct.

yes they are correct

@RomalTaufiq Did you signup? You have to sign up then log in using that email and password.

@RomalTaufiq what you are doing is using the same username/password that you used to login to the app.adalo.com here.

They’re different. When you build an app, you need to create a user first (signup in preview) for this app and then it allows you to login to the app.

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