Functions are limited, what data am i missing to see more

In my list of Booked Appointments, I don’t have the option of listing the name of my order Items.

Additional Questions I have:
How do I get the option of listing multiple Items from a previous booked order or appointment.

Is this determined on the data linked from the previous page?

Why is the only options I see for functions “count”? why cant I see Order Item Names?
In my scenario:

Booked appointments>Order Items>Menu Items, and theres a cart involved to view and remove items.

picture 1: The data base shows I have filled in correct info, the Order Items has an Item in it.
Picture 2: showing the List of my booked appointments with the data waiting to be filled by a User.
Picture3 & 4: show limited items or functions .
picture 5 with yellow highlights: show data from previous screens.

Hi @terichburg ,

To access data at child level, need to use list in the next screen.

To access data at parent level, magic text can refer directly.

Im Not to sure what you mean, but in this picture, I should be able to see direct information on the magic text from the branch “order Items”, yet it only shows me count, why is it locked, how can i list the Order Items that I’ve picked in the previous pages.

Hi @terichburg ,

It looks to me that your Booked Appoint collection does not have relationship to Order Items Test.

If you see Count on collection list, most likely that collection does not have relation.

If you see Count under Current collection name, it means that the collection is child, so to access it, is to have a list on the next screen.

Booked appointments and Order Items have a relation.

By your third point, does this mean that I have to list Order Items on a separate screen since my magic text can only access count?

Hi @terichburg ,

Put a button or icon inside “My Appointment” list, and put action link to new screen.

In the new screen put a list for Order Items Test with filter of Booked Appoint>Order Items Test.

This way, you can access records in Order Items Test.

So, Booked Appoint is the parent, Order Items Test is the child.

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