Current order > order items option not showing up

Hi Adalo friends,

I have been using Adalo, an excellent platform, for some time now and am slowly understanding it as I am using it more and more. I am stuck on an issue, however, where I am creating a restaurant kind of app for ordering food items, wherein, I have created restaurants, menu items, orders and order items. The issue is that I have all my properties linked with each other, however, after adding a simple list component and defining it as being a list of “Order Items” which I had created but when I select the filter, it does not provide me with a second option of choosing “Current Order > Order Items” and only shows one default option of “All order items” I have been unable to figure out why this problem is occurring. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

hi, I think that the problem is in the relationship between this two collection. can you give us a screen?

It should be that an “Order” can have many “order items”, but “order items” can have only 1 “order”

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Hi Marino,

Thank you so much for your response. I had already defined and set up the relationship property between orders and order items, however, for some reason I may have accidentally chosen the wrong relationship type. But now it’s working. Again, thank you so much. I greatly appreciate it.

Thank you once again.

Best wishes and regards.

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Your welcome :muscle:t2:

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