Gap between App bar and screen iphone 14 pro max

Hello everyone,
I’m working on a projet and i have a problem. I hope someone can help.
When i test the app on iphone 14 pro max there is gap between the app bar and the bottom of the screen. Please find attached a photo which refer to my issue

. Thanks :pray:t4: for your help

Hey Cherif. @Adalo_CXTeam is aware of the issue and it has been raised up to the product management team. Hopefully we will get a fix soon since it affects all the iphone 14 pros across all of the stock app bar configurations in adalo. I have tried trouble shooting, but it also happens with just shapes at the top of the screen. All has to do the dynamic island positioning I am sure.

This is going to become a huge issue soon once more users are up on the newer devices, so I am hoping a fix will come asap.

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@Michael have you guys tested your app bar with notifications on the iphone 14 pros? wondering if your component will fix this issue for everyone.

Hey @jromeo80
Thanks for alerting me to this. We should be pushing a fix for this today for our NoCode Monkey app bar.

Hey @Michael any update on this one? Adalo still doesnt have timing for a fix and I’m thinking about moving my app over to your app bar component. Just need to make sure it wont have the same issue before investing the time/dollars.

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The Dynamic Island on the new iPhone 14 Pro was causing an issue with the App Bar component, resulting in a gap at the top of the screen. This has been fixed. There should no longer be any extra spacing above the App Bar on iPhone 14 or on older models. You will have to run a new build to see the fix on native apps.