iPhone 14 Pro layout issue

Looks like there is a little issue with the top of the app bar on iPhone 14 pros…leaving a slight gap between app bar and the top edge of the screen. Probably related to the dynamic island and new notch layout. Anyone seeing this and is it as simple as packaging up a new version to fix it?

Same here, did you find how to fix it?

You can create a shape that will sit underneath the menu and that should work, but i asked the support team to please prioritize this since I dont want to put extra baggage into the layouts to solve this problem. They will obviously be hearing about this a ton more once people get going on the new devices.

I’ve tried to put a rectangle that goes way above the app bar, but it doesn’t work. The rectangle still gets cut and there is a white space above.
The only way to solve it is to have the menu color same as background color (e.g. full black mode).

@jromeo80 @Vasily if you guys haven’t already submitted a support ticket, please do. It will help the Adalo team to fix the bug quicker.

Yeah for sure. Did a ticket immediately. The short term fix suggested by the team was to add elements to block scrolling under the app bar. Unfortunately, this bug has to be tackled asap without users having to take extra steps. We probably also need the previewer updated immediately esp we can see what we are dealing with and test fixes.

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Hey All!

This has been reported and the team will look into it as soon as possible. If you would like an update or have any additional examples, please Submit a ticket and we will up date you as soon as progress is made on this.


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This issue still exist and we are in December. Any update on the ticket submitted?

Just purchased @Michael app and tab bars. Gonna give that a shot. But honestly we need the previewer to be updated to represent all of the latest iOS and android devices. Going to become a big issue, but I think it’s on their radar.

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Nightmare situation unfortunately. No plans at Adalo to fix their component currently. Awaiting @Michael to see if the no code monkey version can solve it.

The Dynamic Island on the new iPhone 14 Pro was causing an issue with the App Bar component, resulting in a gap at the top of the screen. This has been fixed. There should no longer be any extra spacing above the App Bar on iPhone 14 or on older models. You will have to run a new build to see the fix on native apps.