Gap at the bottom


I have a gap at the bottom of my screen. I’ve attached 2 screenshots below.

I saw there were inquiries regarding this issue back in October 2021, to which one of the community leader (James) replied with something along the line “this bug will be fixed within the next weeks”. We are February 2022 and I’m facing this issue. Is there something that I missed, is there something that I’m supposed to do ?


  1. this is not a PWA. I included a screenshot with Ads so we can understand it’s a released version of the app. The ads are stick the bottom yet there’s a gap there too.

  2. I’ve been looking around in the forum and saw this issue was actually reported in December 2020. People who had this issue in 2020, what did you guys do ? Is there a solution ? Or did you gave up as no actions are taken from Adalo ?


I’m backing this. I was wondering same stuff like 2 minutes ago

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Hi Vimods & @golivrob,

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Are you viewing this on PWA? I believe this should be fixed during beta testing (test flight and/or google play store beta).

Hello James,

My app is released and available on Google Play Store. This is not a PWA. Please refer to the 1st screenshot with Ads (Ads are only displayed when app is published/downloaded from app store)

Hi Vimods,

Maybe try this option.

Thank you

Thanks Dilion. Yes, I read about it. All it does is move the gap from bottom to top.

Also, doing this increases your chance by 1000x to be rejected by Apple App Store as it goes against their guidelines : Status Bars - Bars - iOS - Human Interface Guidelines - Apple Developer

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