Geolocate users


I’m aware geolocation is currently not yet possible in Adalo.
I was wondering if anyone knew a way (API?) to still make this possible?
The feature of the app would be similar to the cab tracking feature in Uber.

Thanks for letting me know which API or workaround comes to mind.



Following - Same question.


Yes this is a great question.

This is not something I am completely familiar with but I do believe there are numerous API’s that can do this. Of course it will require quite some knowledge of API’s and perhaps SDK’s of Android/iOS to send the data to this API.

The best result I found so far for somehting that may be able to do this is

However, it would be my advice to wait for the Adalo implementation of this as it will be native.


Teria uma data?
Would you have a date?

1.How to make a content access like flipboard in Adalo?
2. How to make video confirence in Adalo?

Hey @Colin, any idea on when this native component might be available?