Get data from a database filled with a drop down list


I have a database “Users”, and another one “Gender”. The relationship between those two seems to be OK.
The “Gender” database contains Male and Female records. By creating a profile, a user must choose between those 2 options in a drop down list. By clicking “Create profile”, the “Users” database is updated.

Later on, I want to display the profile inforamtion but Using Magic Text, I cannot choose the record filled by the “Gender” database. In the “Logged in User’s”, I only see Users record, and not Genders records.

Hope someone will be able to help.

Thanks !

Hi @jcpons,

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What’s the type of the relationship you created between the Users and Genders collections? One to Many right? ( A user can have only one gender and a gender can have many users )

Could you share some screenshots of your Users and Genders collections?

Thank you

Hi, thank you for your answer.

I finally managed to do it. I just needed to pick the “name” in the “Logging Users > Gender” section.

Thanks agains.

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