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How can I include an option in the login form, where the user can select if it is “male or female”. And how to configure it in the database. With a toogle, with a dropdown? Anyone who can help me? Thank you

Add a new collection - Gender

Now in this collection add 2 records - male and female

Now Add a relationship property to users with Gender collection
A user can have 1 gender but a gender can have multiple users.

Now click on the form components, go to fields and there you can add a new field - gender

I hope this solves your problem!

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Hello, very good advice. I created the collection, I created the 2 records as “name”, I made the relation with the collection “users”. The field appears fine in the form, but the options do not appear. I created the records as “name”, then I created them as “true / false”, but in neither case do they appear as an option in the form. What am I doing wrong? Thank you!
(Gender in spanish is “sexo”…)

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I take this opportunity and I ask you, do you know how to configure that the user who creates a new account can select their birthday? with the year?

Yes you can add the date property

Hey, you have done it wrong, you have to add records not property. Let me create a short gif for you!

ok! -----
wow thanks!!!

@nachbsas did this gif help?


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it worked !!! thank you.
you are my new best friend !!
question, i have seen your youtube channel. I need some help to finish my app, the programming is very advanced, but we are stuck on some issues.
I have an app that has been working for 2 years in the app store and playstore, it is a wine video guide, and we are migrating to relaunch it in Adalo. It is quite advanced, our entire base is syncorinized with AirTable, but we are stuck at some points. The favorites synchronized with AirTable, the same with the followers and followed. But the rest of our MVP is almost done. I share the app so you can see it if you want. I will wait for your feedback. Thank you very much. Regards. Nacho

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