Get Email ids of All User


For app I am working on, I need to integrate with Google Calendar. In Adalo I have a Event table . Each event can have more than one user as participant.

I am trying to setup a zapier (google calendar) ) integration for every new record in Events table. When I try to configure the zap I am not able to get the email id of each user.

User is configured like this in Event Table.

But on zap side I do not find any way to access email id of each user.

Is there a way I can access all the emails for users in this record.

Thanks in advance.

This will work fine with one user and providing their information, but because it’s related to multiple users it won’t bring the related data over through the zap. We’re working on an Adalo collections API which with an automation tool could allow you to do an API request to your collection. No exact time frame on that API, but it is being worked on, early stages.