How to retrieve native records id in collection

I need to get native collection records ids (which i found while using zapier users sync. this field is not visible in “users collection” though interface). For example hubspot use this id in order to search for record in adalo collection.
How to download all users data with including field?
Thanks in advance

Zapier is presently the only way to access this. There is a request on the roadmap, but it doesn’t have much traction - do vote if you think it would be helpful!

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@dosandco thanks for quick responce

May be there is one time workaround? Like fetch copy of db.
Because I connected Zapier to Hubspot when i had 100 users in Adalo. So i can get id of new users but cant update from Hubspot existing ones.
I will manually add them to hubspot if i have these 100 users ids.