Get Google Place Images via API

I’m using Google’s Place Search and Details APIs to fetch data for user searches via a Custom Action. I would also like to include an image and while I can get the Google photo_reference and use that to make a successful call to the Google Place Photo API, the Adalo workflow shows “no results” even though I can verify that it’s a valid photo_reference.

Strangely, I have the option to save this Custom Action, but after the Adalo Custom Action modal disappears I find that my action was not actually saved. So, in addition to being a help request this is also a bug report.

Is there a way to fetch images via API, or am I doing something wrong?

Hi @glamour_hammer,

I remember experimenting with Google Places Images as an External Collection. See the thread here:Google place api returns results incorrectly

Best regards, Victor.

Hi Victor - thanks for the lead! As you mentioned in that discussion, the question is pricing but with Google’s free tier I won’t need to worry much about that for the time being. I’ll give it a try and worry about crossing the pricing bridge when/if I get there.


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