Get user id adalo database

Hello, I would like to know if someone could help me,
I want to store the images of the app in cloudinary, using integromat, I managed to do it automatically when the user changes his profile picture, I thought to do it with webhooks but the problem is that I can’t get the user’s id, and it is necessary to be able to upload the image and then update the url of it.
I will appreciate your help please.

Hi @francocabral,

In brief: you can create a custom action calling Integromat scenario. In a Custom Action you need to send user’s email.
In Integromat scenario you set up: Webhook, which listens for calls from Adalo, and gets User Email → Adalo List Users → add filter by User Email (the one you received in a Webhook) before the next scenario action.
As a result, you will get one record from List Users. And from this you can get Record ID → and update this user as you want.


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Hey Victor! I see nothing wrong with this method, except that we have more than 3,200 users and that’s the limit for getting a collection of records, so this would require multiple flows with pagination/offsets.

This is such a big miss on the Adalo database side in my opinion and it’s really what is holding us back with leveraging custom actions.

Hi @ProU,

In Integromat you can set custom limit for the GET ALL records from Adalo databases (using Adalo List Records module). I have experiences in listing 2,5K+ records… it takes 5-10 seconds to complete, but it works. So may be you won’t need pagination :slight_smile:

As for @francocabral’s question - just today I’ve found another method to do something like this. It is Custom Action + 3-step scenario in Integromat:

  • 1st step is webhook which gets the URL of the uploaded image (from Adalo DB)
  • 2nd step uploads this image to Cloudinary
  • 3rd step returns the new image URL from Cloudinary.

In turn, Custom Action needs to send the URL and get back another URL. And in the subsequent actions the data with resulting URL could be used.
One downside for this approach - execution takes some time and user has to look at a spinning wheel :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

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