How to Access Record ID information

Hi there,

I need to get record id information and find the following mail from Adalo’s releases in October.

How can I access Record ID information?

Thank you in advance.

You can access this from the extra menu attached to collections


This will take you to the documentation that is specific to the app you are working on and it will provide precise examples for you to work from.

Hi Colin,
Thank you for your reply but what I need to know is how to get Element ID of records in Collection.
How can I get it?

You can get those by running a GET ALL on that collection. It will then list all records in that collection and one of the parameters is the ID of that record.

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@Colin Thank you very much!!!
I can get the ID of the record via Collection API.

Thank you, Collin. I have asked the same question in a different topic. But this solution is really not elegant.

May I suggest a feature of showing the numercial Element ID in the Collection Table and making it available as a standard Magic Text in Custom Functions? Here is why: when I want to update a record from outside of Adalo, I will always have to Query first and then select the right Element ID. This is prone to errors and every workaround either increases the collection sizes or increases the number of calls.

Making the Element ID available inside Adalo is key to have a properly working Adalo API (especially when the whole documentation speaks of it as mandatory info :wink: )

What do you think? I mean, this field already exists. Just make it visible and a lot of issues will be solved.


Thank you, @AXIOM.
Your opinion is very good!!! I think so, too.
@Colin, I would like you to consider it.

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@Colin Not to put any pressure… but


Just a tiny read only fieeld in the database and you will save a lot of time in the future, because this type of topics in the help section will disappear.


I agree, my external workflow is getting kinda messy as I can’t catch/parse the record ID in my webhook (I’m not using Zapier but a Custom action to trigger my external workflow on Integromat) :sweat:.

The only way for the moment as Colin suggested above is to Get all the collection and applying a filter to retrieve the record ID before moving on to the next steps…i.e Updating that record later in the flow.

The downside with this approach is that to be on the safe side you have to create your own unique ID when a user adds a new record to the collection, so you can then parse that ID in the webhook before processing.

So in a nutshell, this would be much easier to just enable the ID’s for the collections and records.

Please @Ben


I will bring this up in a team meeting for discussion.


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Running into this issue right now with a client actually. We need the Element ID exposed in some way so we can send PUT request to update records in Adalo.


I have a simliar issue that prohibits Stripe Customer portal access due to not being able to read the Record ID directly. If for example I have 10,000 users, then the first loop is really heavy to get one ID.

Couldnt agree more. Any developments on this here @Colin? :slight_smile:

Got news about the identity?
now i need to get all records from my Adalo database, then do an email search and then i can use PUT. It’s very slow and it puts a lot of stress on the base. Give us the ability to transfer the current record to the ID. This will reduce the load on the Adalo base!

@Colin @Ashley any news about ID record and custom action?

My collection records are growing. I don’t think it is a wise option to query the entire collection to retrieve the element ids and then proceed with updating or deleting the data through Collection API.

Can Adalo expose Element ID as any other field in the DB collections and make it available to pass through Custom Action?

This will help the backend API to use the element id and update that particular record, instead of doing GetAll records every time.

With slowness issues already hampering, this isn’t the right design approach.

Can we expect this to happen as a priority ??


I cannot give any idea on when this will be available.

This is on our roadmap but unfortunately is a lower priority than several other items on the list right now. At this moment.

The reality is that this affects very few people right now compared to other priorities and there is an alternative workaround (albeit not the best solution).

I hope you can understand and appreciate the reasoning behind this.

Thanks for your reply @Colin

Instead of retrieving everything all the time, I am using the offset and index query parameters to retrieve records periodically and store the element id in our backend DB.

All is well for now : )