Getting external user data

I followed these instructions to get my user data from Xano :slight_smile:

  1. Login
  2. Custom Action > Get Users from Xano > since you’re doing this as logged in user, you’ll get signed in users record
  3. Create a temp collection in Adalo with required details (i.e. name, email, phone # etc.)
  4. Now when you move to Home Screen after successful login, you’ll also have the new collection data along with Auth ID and Auth Token
  5. Show “Hi, “ on Home Screen from the data you just stored in temp collection.

But when I test I get this error
“message”: “Unauthorized - Authentication Required”

My userinfo is locked down per the advice in the Adalo/Xano video.

I also don’t have access to the auth code in my magic text - please advise.

Are you using the external users beta here?

Yes I am

Also I’m having trouble creating a “temporary collection” that I can access data from.

You don’t see this magic text to get logged in user data?

I would use a separate screen, and use input fields to store variables. Create a blank screen called ‘user variables’, then make text input fields. You name the input fields ‘user name’, ‘address’, ’ phone number’ etc. etc. Then when you do your custom action to get the user’s data, you update the input fields with the response from custom action.

On this new screen I created it still wont allow me to change the input value. Also this is only working because I unlocked that API but now thats exposed to the public.

You should have the custom action and the change input value actions on the login button, or on another screen. You don’t need any screen actions on this Data screen.

Ok that is working now ( thank you for that )- but I need to lockdown that endpoint again. How do I do that when I create the custom action it doesn’t give me any data in the magic text ( for headers )?

You need to add inputs on the right hand side. Then you add example values to them, then after setting up custom action, you can enter the magic text into the inputs.