Getting Images from Airtable for Image Slider

Hello! I’m creating an app where there’s a list of concert venues, then you click on a concert venue and it takes you to it’s own unique page and has an Image Slider to show multiple images of the venue.

In my Adalo database I have Venue 1, Venue 2, and Venue 3. In Airtable I have a column of Images, and a column next to it with the Names Venue 1, Venue 2, and Venue 3 corresponding to the images.

When the user clicks on Venue 1 in my app it takes them to the Venue 1 page, and I want the user to only see the linked images in the Image Slider from my Airtable database that say Venue 1 in the column next to it. (and so on if they click Venue 2 I want them to only see the images from Venue 2 in the image slider)

Currently as it is no matter what venue you click on the image slider shows ALL images for all 3 venues.

I’m guessing I need some Query Parameters but the ones I’ve tried aren’t working.

Any help would be great, thank you!

Hi @VenU,

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This thread may helpful for you! : Image Slider With Airtable

In your query parameter for the Name add filterByFormula and not Filter!

And make sure that the name in your Airtable table should match exactly as the name in your Adalo collection! ( because this is equal ) For this you could try contains ( Search(‘Hawaii’, {Field Name}) ) for the value section and then it should not match exactly. ( if there’s spaces no problem )

Thank you

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