Getting response from Adalo team takes excessive long period of time

Dear Team,

I wanna publish my private component to Adalo app.

As we already know npm publish does not work and the only solution I got from forum was going to the bottom of a page and send an e-mail.

That’s what I did indeed but it’s been already a week and not a single response. Is this normal? I mean even appstore takes a couple days to review an entire app but when it comes to custom adalo component it already took ages and no idea how much longer it will take.

Therefore, seeking any advice that could help.

Thanks in advance,

Best Regards,


@Adalo_CXTeam maybe they can help.

Hi Burak, I would suggest putting in a ticket with adalo instead of an email. Here is the link to do so: Submit a Support Ticket


hey @aguyfromearth,

you publish with npx adalo publish and then select “private”

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