My Component still in review!

Hello folks, I created a GooglelikeAvathar component that takes a name and gives an avatar based on the name given. But it’s still in review. it took me a long time to realize, it’s been in review. Can I know what process It should go through, so I can finally use, or give it to others to use it? Like one of my clients needs it, so due to lack of documentation, can I know when the review can be completed, and I might use the component, or make others use it? P.S. it’s day 2 after I deployed the component.

attaching the screenshot of my development tab.

Day 2? There are components been in review since 2 months. I think you need to wait a little bit longer :smiley:

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Okay, so, there is no way Adalo can be better?

  • react-native components was the last hope i got, and then, we are here!

This isn’t the correct forum to resolve this. The online forum is for community support and we have no input/support to provide on custom components (unless you want to hear several people tell you to be patient).

Reach out directly to the Adalo team to better understand the process and estimated timeframe for publication.

Note: public custom components undergo a lengthy review. The Adalo team needs to verify there isn’t anything malicious in the code base and it meets Adalo’s standards. There’s a lot to cover there and there’s a queue for that testing…

The best thing I can say is “be patient” :smiley:

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