Glue-ing two pics drives me nuts! 😬

Who has the golden tip for me on how I can glue those two pictures nicely together.
Dependent on a condition it should show one or the other on the same place:

It shows it like this:

I tried several things:

  • Moved it pixel after pixel and every time checked whether it was properly glued.
  • Grouped the pictures together.
  • Arranged the pictures to the front and back.

Whatever I try, I cannot make it work properly.
Thanks so much for any advice.

Are they part of the custom list? You can check by click on the list and going down to components and see if the image is connected with the list

Good one. I checked that already a couple of times and both are part of the same custom list.

Try stretching the rectangle to make it a part of the list so that the 2nd image is not on the screen but on the rectangle.

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I could try that, but then the rectangle is actually too big for a list. Thanks for the suggestion though. :pray::pray:

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@James_App_Maker is correct. You must use a rectangle behind both images and group them together. By placing a rectangle behind both, when the top on is not visible, it will shift the bottom one into the top one’s place.

Take a look at that screenshot and you’ll see the low, normal, and urgent statuses are all grouped together in 1 group with a large rectangle behind all 3.

Here’s a good analogy: You have your screen (dinner table) and you have a rectangle (your plate) and your images (the food that goes on the plate). Don’t let anything overflow and everything will stay on the plate.

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@Flawless that’s a good example and analogy. Thanks for sharing.

Does the row rectangle behind it then also shrink to minimum needed space? I mean does the “Count and Last Updated Updated Date” then also move up a bit, because it doesn’t need the space of three rows (Low, Normal, Urgent) there?

Correct, the space gets eliminated.

Perfect. That looks awesome. Thanks for explaining.

Fixed it! Thank you very much @Flawless and @James_App_Maker for the suggestions and the explanation!

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