Postioning problems

Hi. Guys.
I am (of course) working on my app and I’m trying to make a rectangle move up when the rectangle on top of it hides.

and in the preview when the setup account rectangle is not there this happens…

I need the bottom rectangle to move up when the top rectangle is not there.
Can anybody help? :person_tipping_hand:

Snap them together in your app and it should do what you are looking for.

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What do you mean snap them together?

Group them together he means.

Generally when you have things close to each other, it’s best to group them. Especially when you have things on top of each other as well.

If that doesn’t work, use blank rectangles as a workaround to prevent things from moving too much. This is normal Adalo currently these alignment issues at weird times. lol. We just have to keep working at it till it works.

When you drag things so they touch each other, a horizontal guideline appears on the screen. If you drag it so close that the guideline appears where they touch, this usually means they are ‘snapped together’.

Because, I assume for styling reasons, you have a gap there, try to make the gap be an invisible rectangle which is part of the top group. Then you can snap the bottom box to the bottom of this invisible rectangle.

Thanks everyone for the replies :slightly_smiling_face:
But I still don’t understand. I can send a cloneable link if anyone wants to private message me and see if they can “snap” the 2 rectangles together, because I’m very confused.


That is the gap between items he’s talking about. When you drag an item to another item’s yellow line, it snapped together. This is what he meant.

There is a interesting learning curve to how placement / alignment work with Adalo.


Hey @marklive. Thanks for the reply. @Yongki have already helped me with this via private mesaage.


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