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I’m trying to get the google map plugin to be set at 100% of the screen viewport, can this be achieved for mobile view?


Try making the map 50px taller on the top and bottom, so it extends outside of your viewer on top and bottom then make the map a group in group style set to pin the bottom

Thanks for the reply, I already tried this approach but this is not adaptive across different screen sizes and cuts out the bottom zoom in/out buttons. The good news is that I found the solution and will shortly share on this post :wink:

So finally I found the solution :wink:, haven’t pushed it to native yet but it works fine as PWA.
Here are the steps:

1: Insert your Google map and create a group.

2: Fix the position of the group to bottom

3: Add a rectangle to the top of your screen view and set the fix position to top

4: Set the rectangle height to 0px and turn off the background colour

5: Set the map (not the group) to full height

Here’s a preview :grin:

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Thanks for posting the solution you found! I’m certain it will help others in the future!

No worries just paying it forward, I just hope that in the “near” future Adalo takes development seriously instead of the community always looking for “messy” workarounds :unamused:

We take development very seriously. Even in software that has been around for tens of years you will still find bugs and encounter roadblocks.

Software is always in a state of improvement.

Sorry @Colin, I’m trying to be understanding and supportive but it’s just lately I’m frustrated because I spend hours with these workarounds. I understand that you are still an early stage but when you bring out a Google Maps integration or any feature design for that matter, didn’t you ask yourself that most geolocated apps have a full-screen mode with filter overlays and other actions?

Workarounds are what happen until a better system is implemented. Look at any programming language and you will see examples of this over the years.

There are many ways to develop an integration such as this Google Maps one. Our philosophy on these things tends to lean towards the 80/20 rule, whereby we can account for 80% of the use cases quickly and then develop the component over longer time to try to narrow down and account for the last 20%. In the meantime while we are doing that, hundreds, or thousands of people have already benefited from the component being released and being able to be used for their use case.

You are right on the 80/20 rule, maybe I’m asking for too much coming from a Webflow and Bubble background :upside_down_face:. It’s just I’m hoping that I can pull off my MVP and not flop at discovery just because users think my app is not mature enough if that makes sense.

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