Map view problem on mobile screen view

Hi, I am trying to build a search field which connected to my location countries data and I’m trying to make them shown on the map. My search box is on the map as you can see in attached first pic. However when I write any of my listed country in the search box, map extends its view to the bottom of the screen. How can I make fixed map view? Moreover I also want to auto zoom to selected country on the map, is there any solution to do this on same screen?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @syildiz,

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Maybe try grouping the map ( select the map and three dots and make a group ) and set the fixed type to top on the edit styles section.

You can add a filter to the map with that input value but not sure if the map auto zoom it :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you

Hi, Dilon. Thanks for the recommendation. How I fixed it:

  1. I make a group search box and the list then I edit their style and make them fixed at top.
  2. As you said I added a custom filter which takes the input as a source then it zoom in map but make it too zoom. I’m trying to configure zoom size.

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