Display Map with multiple markers?

Can someone tell me if there is something that is needed to be done when you have a map set up and linked to a database with multiple markers…and for some reason the map doesnt show more than one marker at once. I set the parameters to multiple markers but this is what i get
map q

Also, i cant seem to stretch the map to the entire screen, is there a way to do this?

Hi Dean,

You don’t have any filters on the map right? And check whether if the locations are correct? If you still see this issue I think the best would be Submitting a support ticket.

For get the map full screen try to stretch the map.
Like this :

And this post by Rae can also help you!

Thank you

Thank you. This worked as a workaround for sure, for the stretching. For the multiple points on the map not showing on the screen, this is still an issue…i will report it…

Thanks for the help!

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