Google Play Billing Library version

Hii everyone!

Google keeps remindme that by November 1 all updates to existing apps must use Billing Library version 4 or newer.

This is something Adalo is working on? Just a coupple of weeks to the deadline.

If someone has more info please share!

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I have the same issue! Curious to know what Adalo is doing or are we supposed to do something??

Yeep! Same Q here! haha

Create a new build or something??
Anyone know something about this?

Also getting these same alerts. Has this been fixed? What needs to be done?

Any update on this?

I need some help whit this as well

You just need to push a new version of your app to Google and it will be fixed.

Greate! Let you know guys when the update is live if everything it’s ok.


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