Play Billing Library upgrade

I get the following error when uploading an app in Google play console.
How can I do this?

We have detected that this app is using an unsupported version of the Play Billing Service. Please upgrade to Google Play Billing Library version 4 or higher to publish this app!

I am getting this as well and we have removed all billing screens from our app for beta testing purposes. Is this something that adalo is adding when building the gradle and the android manifest? Where can we go to fix this

Adalo help desk answered below.

Thanks for writing in about this.

We are aware of this issue and it is currently being worked on by our development team to get this resolved as soon as possible.

Although I do not have a specific time on when this may get resolved, I will be sure to notify you of any changes in the status of this bug moving forward.

Sounds like Google finally started enforcing their policy on the deprecated billing library and adalo was caught flat-footed. I have even removed all payment screens from our app and have no in app purchases and we are still getting stopped because of this.

This needs to be fixed asap

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