Google play free app with in-app purchase


I created a free app with access to a few features and contents.
The idea is for the user to upgrade to a premium plan to access all the content and features.
To do so I was going to add in-app purchase (in-app subscription).

So set it up on the google store via google console.
However it looks like I am not allowed to add in-app subscription because the app is a free app.

So I created a new app setting it up as a paid app this time. However, I can’t set it up as free to start because it 's a paid app…

Vicious circle. I am lost here.

Anyone facing the same issue ?

All I want is the user to download a free version on the google play store and if he likes it and want to upgrade he just click on “upgrade” inside the app and is offer a paid plan.
(it’s easy with Apple but I did not sort it out with google…)


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