Subscription Payments

I’m so confused!

I’m creating an app where the person has a 7 day trial. After that, then there is a monthly subscription involved.

What is the easiest way to do this?

Google Play/Apple Store - Do I have to use Google pay or can I use just stripe? If I use stripe - do I have to fill out the info on Google play console as stripe is an independent component?

Hello, I think in a mobile app (especially in android apps), it’s better to use the IAP, because sometimes using external APIs to process payments instead of in-app purchases, especially for in-app digital products or goods, may be against rules for your respective app store.

  • Here is a copy of the Google Play terms of use that applies to you:

Google Play’s billing system must not be used in cases where:

  1. payment is primarily:
  • for the purchase or rental of physical goods (such as groceries, clothing, housewares, electronics);
  • for the purchase of physical services (such as transportation services, cleaning services, airfare, gym memberships, food delivery, tickets for live events); or
  • a remittance in respect of a credit card bill or utility bill (such as cable and telecommunications services);
  1. payments include peer-to-peer payments, online auctions, and tax exempt donations;
  2. payment is for content or services that facilitate online gambling, as described in the Gambling Apps section of the Real-Money Gambling, Games, and Contests policy;
  3. payment is in respect of any product category deemed unacceptable under Google’s Payments Center Content Policies.

Thank you - I guess I will set up Google Pay and Apple pay.

I guess you would only set up stripe if you were distributing the app without the play/apple store?

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